Healthy Food & Worst Food in Pandemic 2020

It’s easy to wonder which foods are healthiest.

A big number of foods are healthy and tasty. By filling your plate with fruits, vegetables, high quality protein, and other foods, you’ll have meals that are colorful, versatile, and good for you

A healthy diet, one rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, has long been recognized as essential to human health, and as an important tool for preventing and managing some chronic health conditions. One strategy for ensuring people have access to fresh foods is to have physicians and dietitians write prescriptions for them.

The concept of “food as medicine”—that is, something that can be prescribed by health professionals—may be new to some readers. But for people trying to manage chronic conditions like hypertension, diabetes, or obesity, or those who cannot access fresh foods, a bag or box of fresh produce each week is perhaps the best medicine they can receive. Generally, the fresh foods are offered at a subsidized price in rural area.



Ice cream is just one of those foods you can't help turn to, as it's the ultimate comfort binge. But ice cream—even the ones that are deemed better for you—is basically one of the worst foods to be eating a lot of during this time. And why is that? Well, ice cream can cause inflammation in the body because of the high amounts of dairy and sugar, and when inflammation is high, "it taxes the immune system leaving us more susceptible to disease and illness," in INDIA.


It's no secret we're big peanut butter fans here, and it is a health food full of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and muscle-building protein. But you want to make sure you're buying the right peanut butter. See, popular processed peanut butters often have added sugar and unhealthy oils and those low-fat peanut butters aren't any better. They too have tons of added sugars to make up for the fat. Always go for the jars of natural.

It’s a life luxury to head over to the grocery store and get whatever we want. The problem is we’ve become accustomed to that. And dependent on that. Therefore people don’t keep too much food in their homes any more (one of the reasons).

Well lets say that a pandemic comes to town. 2019-Covid ? That means having enough food and supplies to “ride it out”. I’m not suggesting that it’s time to push the panic button yet, but I’m using this current event as an excuse to push the notion of preemptive food storage.

For how long? Hard to say. Not enough reliable data on this one yet. Though if you asked me, I would suggest thinking about the worst-case. Then you’ll probably be in better shape than most who think it will be here and gone in just a few weeks once it starts (good luck with that).For the sake of a number, lets say 6-7 months.

How Much Food we Need during Pandemic Survival

It’s all about the calories. Balance and nutrition is important too. But lets focus on calories. Why? Because is the primary reality of having enough food to survive.

2,000 calories per day, per person. That’s a typical “good enough” number for most.

So how do you get a sense as to how many calories you might need (or already have) for food storage at home? It can be deceptive — in that you might think you have enough — but do you?

What if the pandemic does indeed begin to rage in our neighborhood region — and 3 weeks later you’re out of food. Meaning, you have to risk your life going out to the store to buy more (if there is more)…Okay. Now that I’ve adequately mentioned doom-and-gloom, lets simply have a look.

I recently ran some numbers.With the potential threat for corona virus flaring up in the US, you might become logically concerned. “If will you be able to shelter in place for say, 3 months? I’m sure that many of you could. Speaking to the choir here… though maybe someone will read this and be helped.

Since I went through the exercise (gave Excel a good workout), I simply want to share the notion of realistically determining whether or not you you have enough food.

Avoid going out Plan in Pandemic

Don't go to the grocery store will mean no fresh foods. But you can adapt. A few examples include the following:

Buy groceries online In Delhi NCR.

To give you an best idea of what you need to stay healthy, here are some meal plans for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack..

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