Sharbati variety wheat is slightly sweeter in taste probably due to the presence of slightly more amounts of simple sugars like glucose and sucrose as compared to other wheat varieties.The wheat grain of Sharbati is also little larger than wheat grain of northern Indian counterparts.Sharbatiatta is sweeter in taste and better in texture.

When you prepare dough from Sharbatiatta, it consumes more water without becoming liquidized. Chapatti made of wheat atta, which consume more water than other varieties, are generally softer and good in taste. 


  • Rich source of carbohydrates
  • Rich in magnesium
  • Has 2% extra protein content as compared to normal wheat flour
  • Best flour over the rest
  • Natural oils are not lost in the grinding process


  • Softer chapattis/rotis
  • Sweeter in taste
  • Better texture
  • 100% unadulterated
  • Contains all necessary vital nutrients
  • Grains used are of best quality
  • Grains are ground on traditional chakki

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Sharbati Atta -5kg

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